2024 Vintage Report


2024 Vintage Report

According to the bureau summer was meant to be very different, warm to hot and very dry. Instead, we have this – very changeable weather with a mixture of heat, cool, rain and wind.

Despite the wild swings in the weather, in the main this summer has been characterised by mild temperatures and cool nights, ideal conditions for growing premium fruit. Our vineyard manager, Steve is very enthusiastic about the 2024 fruit with the cool temperatures allowing for slow ripening and the accumulation of sugar. Steve thinks that it is likely to be magnificent vintage, yielding wines with the structure that will allow them to age.

There has been much sampling of berries in vineyards and a lot of anxious looks as we wait for the sugar levels to rise and for the fruit to reach the perfect balance before we pick. The pinot noir is looking beautiful and is likely to be picked first (and soon) with the 114 clone being the first to be harvested, and the MV6 clone not behind.

The chardonnay is also looking good, although we are likely to have a very small crop this year due to our replanting program. At present the chardonnay is still needs to ripen a touch more before being picked. Hopefully the resulting wine will have the backbone and structure, united with beautiful fruit to produce a wine to savour while young, while rewarding those with the patience to cellar it.

But Steve is very excited about the prospects for the cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. Although these grapes are a long way off being harvested, if the weather continues with the pattern of mild days and cool nights, these will be ideal conditions to ripen the cabernet grapes. Hopefully this will result in outstanding wines. Definitely keep an eye out for the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc when they are released.


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