Kisumé - our featured stockist


Kisumé [kiss-oo-meh] meaning ‘a pure obsession with beauty’ is the latest restaurant from Chris Lucas. The highly anticipated, 

three-level concept venue opens its doors for the first time on Monday, 15 May at 6pm with the first week of operation to include dinner service only. Kisumé, at 175 Flinders Lane, will open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, from Monday, 22 May.

Kisumé is a contemporary Japanese restaurant with a sushi bar and restaurant residing on the ground floor and basement levels, whilst Kuro Kisumé sits on the first floor. Kuro Kisumé (meaning black) includes The Table, a unique omakase-style dining experience seating just 12, two private dining rooms with a similar bespoke offering, plus the Chablis Bar, the first such bar in Australia.
A place where the traditionalist and modernist meet, Kisumé is not only about the dining; there are many other facets to explore. Kisumé will stimulate your senses, time and time again. 



175 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

7 Days, 11.30am till late